CLT-  Certified Lymphedema Therapist

MLD –  Manual Lymph Drainage

CMT –  Certified Massage Therapist

LE –  Licensed Esthetician

ST –  Surgical Technology Diploma



To reduce swelling and discomfort caused by lymphedema, utilizing unique treatment methods:

  • Manual Lymph Drainage
  • Bandage/ wrapping techniques
  • Patient education
  • Meticulous skin care instructions


  • Post lymph node dissection surgeries
  • Primary lymphedema
  • Lymphedema caused by trauma



  • To make your everyday living with lymphedema an easier, less painful and manageable way of life.
  • To create awareness and understanding about lymphedema in the forms of treatment.
  • To educate patients for their independent lymphedema maintenance
This is Cindi bandaging her own leg

Giving acceptance speech for Cancer Survivor Award

My favorite quote

Warrior Award Acceptance Speech

“You Can’t Own Me” Patient Interview, 2009

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